Pasture Raised Chicken

Wait till you try our Chicken.  Our meat birds are raised in a chicken tractor that get moved daily.  This allows our meat birds  to roam on fresh pasture to eat bugs and grasses.  They are supplemented with a high quality grain with no anti-biotics.    When you see the difference vs store bought, you will be amazed. There are no dyes, not injected with preservatives or water.  Our chickens are processed at Twin Acres Farms , trimmed and packaged on site to ensure the best quality product.  Get the grill ready and enjoy the most tender chicken you've ever had. 

We can custom process if you order before processing date. We can do spatchcock, boneless thighs, and more....


To order please message us on Facebook, email, or give us a text or call.    616.204.4469

Chicken orders are local pick-up or local delivery only.  Once we receive your order, we will email or text you to set up delivery.